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About / Bio / From vinyl to digital & beyond.

Scott (DJ R3volution) Lives in NH. USA.

In the beginning there was vinyl (And it was good) :
I have always had a strong interest in music-especially “underground” dance music (non mainstream / non commercial).
The REAL R3volution started in 1988 when I taught myself self to beat match 12″ House & Techno records.  from 1988-1994 I produced hundreds of mix cassettes for my local friends. These mix tapes became popular quickly as this music wasn’t played on the “FM radio”.
I also played out at a few clubs during this time.
-In 1995 The R3volution “paused”.

R3volution – (v2.0) :

-In April 2015 I  returned to the DJ scene- this time as a Digital DJ, spinning Trance. My debut Digital mix release was appropriately titled “20 Years After” as I hadn’t spun since 1995.
I then created the “Midweek Mixdown” series of Mixes which feature no narration & focus on “just the music”.
In May 2015, the first “Trance R3volution Show” live broadcast occurred.
Trance R3volution (a weekly LIVE 2hr. show) gained global attention featuring sets by myself & many talented guest DJ’s from around the globe.
In June 2016 The Trance R3volution show morphed into the”R3volution Radio Show” with the theme of “No Rules, No limits”.
The R3volution Radio Show featured  “expanded  genres” – Techno & House as well as Trance. The show was syndicated on 4 streaming stations.
In May 2017 following a very successful two year run the final LIVE R3volution Radio SHOW Aired.

R3volution’s Guest appearances:
-R3volution has been invited  guest DJ on several prominent Radio Show’s.
Here are a few Highlights: (with links)
-Trance Life’s  TRANCEfonic Radio show.
-Kaeno’s Vanishing Point Podcast #460
-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #166
-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #189

Every Mix & Radio show R3volution (v2.0) produced is archived HERE

Email :  R3volution

News / updates (the latest on the R3volution).

Summer 2017
-As an artist I am presently choosing to embrace a less structured, more free flowing schedule to allow my creativity the room it needs to flow, without the pressure & exact time limits of weekly shows & live productions.

-Aug. 2017
–The hugely successful Midweek Mixdown! weekly mix series now number over 100 . The genres varied, the energy high-yet he mission is unchanged.
Its all about he music. I will stay close to my roots- underground.

-Sept.  2017
(R3volution Presents) “Gone Dark“.
Gone Dark is the alter ego and Techno outlet of R3volution.
The name Gone dark represents both his operation below the radar & accurately depicts the Music he spins. Dark. Underground. Plain & Simple. Because Less IS more.
Spinning only Real Serious Techno, Gone dark represents all that is Underground dance music:
-No huge ego.
-No social media “glamour”.
-No fireworks.
-No Festivals full of “EDM “fans dressed like “clowns”.
-No stage dives.
-No microphone.
He has nothing to say.
The music speaks for itself.
Gone Dark –  (Real. Serious. TECHNO.)
Gone Dark’s music is hosted HERE

Where the R3volution is happening (Listen).

 – R3volution’s Primary MUSIC HOSTING HOME is here

 – R3voluton also features a few recent sets mixes on Soundcloud:

Equipment of the R3volution (Technically speaking).

 R3volution’s  Studio (Minimal yet Maximized).

Im a club DJ through & through.  My equipment reflects that.
I  enjoy a simple & reliable DJ setup.
My Minimal setup consists of two players and a mixer.
The players are Pioneers CDJ-2000 nexus. The Mixer is the matching DJM 900 Nexus.
The music source is a simple USB stick plugged into the players.
My  “Style”
I use no software.  No sync. (its not enabled as that’s part of the Rekordbox software I choose to not use) . I typically do not use “cue points” &
I match beats by ear.
I chose the Pioneer CDJ’s for two main reasons.
1- They are the industry standard at most venues worldwide.
(So when I play out Im familiar with the equipment).
2- They are stable, reliable & robust.


Other electronics in the studio:
I use two PC’s in the studio. One is my dedicated “recorder” to record my sets. The other PC is for live streaming (when I go “live”).
A Shure microphone running into a DBX 266XL compressor along with a harbinger preamp/EQ provide nice voice audio.
The studio monitor amp is by Onkyo  at 200 watts feeding old school Technics 3 way speakers.

Sept 2017 update.