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Listen to the R3volution (What, Where & When)

R3volution has several original Productions :
(Variety is the spice of life)

-The Midweek Mixdown! 

“Just the music.” (By R3volution)
This weekly production is my free form mix set with seamless mixes. Genres
vary between Trance, Techno & (sometimes) House. The shows length is about one hour and is posted on Wednesday. This production has been running continuously since 2015.

Recent Midweek Mixdown! by R3volution :

Free form sets

Free form” sets (By R3volution)
These inspired  sets reflect my current mood, a theme, or even the season.
All the free form sets all tell a “story”(listen carefully!).

Recent inspired set(s) by R3volution:

-The (NEW) R3volution Radio Show

“No Rules. No Limits.” (Feat. various DJ’s)
This production has been running since 2015 & keeps getting better!
The (NEW) show is not about any “ONE Artist”, rather it is a platform to spotlight many an artist’s work & do so with a personal touch.
Most episodes feature a brief interview with the featured DJ, and/or a brief bio as well as light narration by the shows host DJ R3volution-adding a “personal” touch (and a bit of fun!) to the show.

The (NEW) R3volution Radio Show’s website is HERE

-The Archive

R3volution’s Entire Music archive (2015-present) All shows
mixes & events are hosted in one place.   HERE

About / Updates (Every R3volution has a story)

R3volution resides in the USA.

In the beginning there was vinyl (And it was good) :

-The R3volution started over 25 years ago when I taught myself self to beat match 12″ House & Techno records (yes-vinyl records!).
Then comes building a record collection and making Mixtapes (literally).
These mix tapes (House format mostly) became in demand as this music wasn’t played on the “FM radio”.
(This was before the internet & well before “everyone”was a DJ!)
I also played out at a few clubs during this time.

“the sabbatical begins”
I stopped spinning as other interests became interesting.
The expression “Once a DJ-always a DJ” holds true…so…
It just was a matter of time. Ok …so it took 20 years!…

 R3volution (v2.0) From Analog to Digital.

“the return”
Returned to the DJ scene-this time as a Digital DJ-spinning Trance.
-My debut digital mix release was appropriately titled “20 Years After” as I    hadn’t spun since 1995.
-My second release was spun on Vinyl after I literally dug out my heavy crate of 90’s 12″ records.  I have moved to all digital music since.
From there the “Midweek Mixdown!” began…

-2015, 2016, 2017
“Lots of shows, lots of fun!”
Created and produced two original reoccurring productions.
The Midweek Mixdown! & The R3volution Radio Show .
In this time frame I produced 114 “Midweek Mixdown!” episodes,
Hosted & produced nearly 80 “R3volution Radio Show” episodes, & made guest DJ / Host appearances on several podcasts & radio stations.
(Listed below.)

“Refinement continues.
Created a new”dedicated” hosting home & Website for the
R3volution Radio Show.

Guest appearances (by R3volution)

 Exclusive Guest Appearances by R3volution:

-Since 2015 Ive guested on several Dj’s shows / podcasts.
  Here are a few Highlights:Guest appearences

-Kaeno’s Vanishing Point Podcast #460
-Trance Life’s  TRANCEfonic Radio Show.
-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #166
-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #189
-Rataman’s Forever Trance Podcast #12
-CKLU FM Toronto “Rythms of Club Life”

-Kaeno’s Vanishing Point Podcast #460

-Trance Life  TRANCEfonic Radio Show.

-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #166

-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #189

-Rataman’s Forever Trance Podcast #12

-CKLU FM Toronto “Rythms of Club Life”

Contact / Links

-Contact info :

Contact Email is HERE.

R3volution’s  Archive & music hosting home is  HERE.



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