Welcome to the R3volution. (There is no resistance in unity).

    Independent. Innovative. Underground.


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R3volution has two different Podcasts:

-The Midweek Mixdown!
“Just the music.”
This production is my free form mix set with seamless mixes. Genres
vary between Trance, Techno & House. Mixes are about one hour in length & are posted weekly usually on Wednesday’s.

The R3volution Radio Show 
 “No Rules. No Limits.”
Lets face it- Most Radio Shows by DJ’s are essentially the same. The DJ plays 1 or 2 hours of mixed dance tracks. Each week. Every week. Week after week Same shit different week….
So…..How about a R3volution?!
The NEW R3volution Radio Show is different!
The show is not about “ANY ONE DJ”, rather it is a platform to spotlight many a DJ’s work & do so with a personal touch.
Most episodes feature  brief interviews with the guest DJ, or a brief bio as well  light narration by the shows Host DJ R3volution adding a “personal” touch (and a bit of fun!) all the while helping to promote the artists work & quality Dance music.
The R3volution Radio Show is currently on bi-weekly schedule, posted on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month.

About / Bio / From vinyl to digital (& beyond).

R3volution (Scott) Lives in NH USA

In the beginning there was vinyl (And it was good) :
I have always had a strong interest in music-especially “underground” dance music (non mainstream / non commercial).

-The REAL R3volution started way back in 1988 when I taught myself self to beat match 12″ House & Techno records. I remember that it took me about 6 months of trial & error to pull off a decent sounding & consistent mix. From 1988-1994 I produced hundreds of mix cassettes for my local friends. These mix tapes became popular quickly as this music wasn’t played on the “FM radio”.
I also played out at a few clubs during this time.

-In 1995 I stopped spinning as I was busy with other ventures and (life happened).

-2015 R3volution (v2.0) Analog to Digital.

April 2015 I returned to the DJ scene-this time as a Digital DJ, spinning Trance. My debut digital mix release was appropriately titled “20 Years After” as I hadn’t spun since 1995. My second release was  on Vinyl after I literally dug out my 90’s 12″ records for the last time. (I have moved to all digital since).

Notable (recent) Milestones along the way…

-Ive been guest DJ on several prominent shows / podcasts.
Here are a few Highlights: (with links)
-Trance Life’s  TRANCEfonic Radio show.
-Kaeno’s Vanishing Point Podcast #460
-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #166
-Ardao’s Trance Radio Mission #189
-Raraman’s Forever Trance Podcast #12

Every Mix, set & radio show R3volution (v2.0) has produced is archived here

Contact Email :  R3volution

News / Timeline (The latest on the R3volution).

-Nov 2017  After a 6 month Hiatus The R3volution Radio Show Returns!

-Oct 2017 The Midweek Mixdown! weekly mix series passes the magic # 100 milestone!. Since 2015 the “MWM” has been kicking ass with solid sets.
In addition to the MWM! Im beginning to spin “special” sets of Techno & Trance driven by passion & based on a “theme“.

May 2017 Following a very successful two year run the final weekly LIVE R3volution Radio SHOW #74 Aired w/ Guest Baco from Switzerland.
(Midweek Mixdown! continues…)

-Sept 2016  R3volutionRadio.net began. This was a website to stream my live show Trance R3volution which aired 7-9PM LIVE on Thursdays.

June 2016 The Trance R3volution show morphed into the”R3volution Radio Show” with the theme of “No Rules, No limits”.
The R3volution Radio Show featured  “expanded  genres” – Techno & House as well as Trance. The show was syndicated on 4 streaming stations.

May 2015  The first “Trance R3volution Show” live broadcast occurred.
Trance R3volution (a weekly LIVE 2hr. show) gained global attention featuring sets by myself & many talented guest DJ’s from around the globe.

-April 2015 The first “Midweek Mixdown! was produced. This is a weekly “Just the music” Mix set. (Genres went on to include Trance, Techno & House).

Equipment of the R3volution (Whats in the studio).

 R3volution’s  Studio (Minimal yet Maximized).

Im a club DJ through & through.
My equipment reflects that.
I  enjoy a simple & reliable DJ setup.
My Minimal setup consists of two players and a mixer.
The players are the Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus.
The Mixer is the matching Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus.
I chose the Pioneer gear for two main reasons:
1- They are the industry standard at most venues worldwide.
(So when I play out I’m familiar with the equipment / muscle memory).
2- They are stable, reliable & robust.
This equipment has never glitched, failed or crashed in the two years Ive had it in use (about 200 productions with 75 of those “live”).+


My  DJ “Style”
Less is more.
(the less software the more reliable)
My music source is a simple USB stick plugged into one player (both players are “linked” with a cat 5 cable.)
I use no software.
I do not use sync. (its not even enabled as that’s part of the Rekordbox software I choose to not use) .
I beat match by ear. (Old school).

Other stuff in the studio:
I use two PC’s in the studio. One is my dedicated “recorder” to record my sets. The other PC is for live streaming (when I go “live”).
A Shure microphone feeds a harbinger preamp/EQ which then connects to the audio compressor/limiter/gate by DBX model (266XL) to provide nice smooth and consistent voice audio.
The studio monitor amp is by classic Onkyo  at 200 watts feeding 2 large Technics  speakers and LOTS of cables and wire!


Email :  R3volution

Nov. 2017 update.
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